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Live Laguna Beach

What a great day with great friends! A beautiful day in Laguna, California! A delicious “linner”, at one of our very favorite restaurants, The Deck. The place was super busy, as always but we all made the best of it! Including our server. We didn’t catch his name but he had a perfect sense of humor for us! Amazing food, company, ambiance and fun! I think we were the life of the place! We luv The Deck and Andy is a great manager! He always takes the time to say “Hi” to us no matter how busy he is…..See you soon Laguna!

Happy New Year 2018!

Happy new year! Resolutions or goals? I prefer goals! A to-do check list is more motivating to me than some pressured resolutions hardly anyone ever accomplishes. What’s on your list this year? I have big plans for the year to come! I will reveal the plans as they take shape!
I have found that writing things down has kept me accountable to myself and I’m more likely to complete the task! My new journals I’ve received as gifts this year have inspired me!
How about you? What inspires you? Here’s a great start to a new year!

Back from Michigan

Lighthouse in Grand Haven, MI.

What a beautiful trip! I have lots to share….What an adventure getting home yesterday, due to the fires in Northern California. A lot of delays and missed connections everywhere. A minor thing for us, though.
What a great experience to share with my Mom, Aunt, and our friend Carol. Since they were all born and raised there and I was only born there, they have so much more knowledge about the state. We moved from Michigan when I was 3 1/2 years old. I only have memories of vacations.
Our weather was so mild! We had hoped for more fall foliage but we weren’t disappointed in what we did see. The weather is unseasonably warm so not a lot of trees have turned yet. We still feel that we lucked out on the great weather. As we headed to the Upper Peninsula later in the week we resorted to closed shoes and jackets where the wind was quite chilly. It just made it feel more like fall! Yay!
One of my favorite things to see of many was the vibrant red lighthouse in Grand Haven. It’s under construction but what a site to see! The contrast of the red tower against the Lake Michigan waters of bright and muted blues and greens was a surprise to me. What was an even bigger surprise that this area was made up of soft, silky, sand! I felt like I was at the ocean! The water felt cool and refreshing under my bare feet. And not sticky like the ocean. The way the light sparkled off the moving water was so fulfilling to me! I could get used to a view like this!

Portland, Maine lighthouse

The weather has finally cooled down here in California!  Phew…..Don’t get me wrong I LUV summer but I’m looking forward to the lower electric bills.

I’m reflecting about our trip to Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island last October.  We had such a great experience!  I should tell you that my fellow travelers were my Mom and her forever friend, Carol.  We went to Martha’s Vineyard,  stayed in Cape Cod, stayed in Boston (of which we didn’t see that much because we got into the city too late in the evening).  I guess that’ll be for another trip.   The three of us just did whatever came our way!  One of our favorite highlights of the trip was the Portland Headlight (lighthouse)!  One of the locals asked if we had visited it yet and said it would be worth if for sure.  She was right.  A definite tourist attraction.  Easy to get to, 10 minutes from downtown Portland, Maine and easy parking.   A nice path runs along the top of the ocean side cliff and makes for a great walk to absorb the sea breeze and beautiful scenery.  The lighthouse is immaculately cared for.  Donations are taken to maintain the integrity.  This is the most photographed lighthouse there is.  For a small fee one can take a tour up into the tower.

I highly recommend a visit to Portland, Maine!  I ate my first lobster!  His name was Larry and now I’m spoiled on freshly caught, Maine lobster!  Ha ha!  Beautiful city with cobblestone streets, lots of craft breweries, and what colorful adorable store fronts.   No vacancies in this waterfront area.  Every shop was full and unique!

Daisy (my Mama) and Lucy (Carol) were great travelers!  I’m so glad they have been willing to let me plan another fall trip!  Hopefully we’ll have better luck with the fall foliage.  We were a little early last year.  And a little bird has said we might be a little late this year….hopefully we won’t miss the pretty colors.

So, in 3 weeks off to Michigan we go!